Organization…where did it go?

What happened to my organized world? Seriously, I was over organized. Even the cans of food in my kitchen were organized by Alphabet. Everything had a place, and everything was in it.

Now, well total loss of control!

Really, ask me for a pen. It will take me an hour to find one. And when I do it will probably be under one of my kid’s beds, or the refrigerator.  Ok, so maybe that is a slight exaggeration but it is close to the truth.

How did this blow-up of my organized little world happen? Well, I swear it happened over night. Although, everyone else in my close little circle, swears it crept in slowly, until I was left with a chaotic home, scrounging around to find that one piece of paper I just held in my hand yesterday. Or my husband’s frantic cry for the TV remote, grates on my nerves and I vow to get back to the organized person of old.

Just think! No more, “Mom, I can’t find and any socks.” “Honey, where’s the TV guide.” “Where’s my homework, I know I put it on this stand. Someone moved it!”

And my writing!?

Ugh, talk about an unorganized mess! None of my research is ever found in the same place. I have to back it up in multiple places, because just know I have naughty little elves that come in the middle of the night and move my files or my USB drives.  I can never find my character information when I want it, and will spend an hour trying to track it down. Then when I do find it, well then the phone rings, or it’s time to leave for an appointment, or so on and so forth.

So, should I sit and continue to whine and shake my head in confusion as to what happened with my organized little world.

(grin) Little secret as I was writing the last sentence, the procrastinating voice inside my head said, “Worry about it later, grab a good book and escape into it.) Bad voice! Very bad…but oh so tempting voice.

Being un unpractical kind-of person, I want to say, yes and wallow in self-pity. But my, this is so ridiculous and I need to get back on track, time to take control (including of my “Mom, I’m so helpless I can’t find my own toothbrush”) life and get organized.


Ok, so commitment to get it together made. Now where do I start? Hmmm, guess I will start in one corner and work my way around. Anyone have some supper tough, extra large garbage bags?

Operation Organize and De-clutter has begun!

By Connie Rhinehart

One comment on “Organization…where did it go?

  1. So familiar! Ever since my special-needs child was born 5 1/2 years ago, this seems like the exact thing that has been happening to me!

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