Are you serious!

So I just blogged about mean people on my publisher’s SMP site. And then this? I can NOT believe someone stole my Nook Tablet right out of my locked car.  Really? Talk about mean. To whom ever stole it, if you wanted a role in my next book, you should have just asked. Not made your self a MEAN PERSON! I am really up set…I have over 3000 books loaded there, not to mention my digital diary….which has many of my story notes and ideas….pictures….music….calandar….! I feel violated, and this sucks! So I hope whoever stole it reads this and feels very guilty and will leave it on my front porch for me to misteriously discover. PLEASE!

By Connie Rhinehart

3 comments on “Are you serious!

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    • Thanks Valerie. I adore my husband but he just don’t get it. He is like “it’s okay hon…we will get you a new one. I know I can replace the Nook itself and my BN library can be reloaded. It’s my notes, and story ideas, and diary I am sick about. I’ve decided I am going to stick in an audio book, get in my jammies, turn off the lights, light a candle, crawl into bed, and hope I will wake up tomorrow and the person who took it will feel so guilty they will set (hint, hint) it on the table on my front porch and it will feed like a bad dream.

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