Every writer has their own style, quirks, and inspiration when writing a story.  I love it when the story plays out in a dream.  I awaken and quickly write down everything I can remember from the dream (occasionally it is the entire story…love it when that happens.)

But unfortunately this is not something that happens regularly to me.  So I thought I would share the most prominent way a story begins for me.

First, I should tell you about my muses, Jack and Jill.  Why did I name them Jack and Jill? Well you see, Jack is the cocky sort, he thinks his way is always the right way and changing his mind is not easy.  Unfortunately Jill can be just as obstinate and they both often refuse to allow the story to flow the way I want it to go.  Therefore I often long for a large hill to push them off of.  This brings us to the names Jack and Jill.

Now I would like to say I am just brilliant and have a thousand story lines just running around in my head (oh, wait, I do!) LOL so okay how do I get these ideas? Well, that is a little difficult to explain but I will give it my best.

So anything can get my mind spinning.  Sometimes it is from observing people in everyday life and I weave a story around them.  Inspiration can come from a song, movie, and news, just about anywhere really.

For my Phalon series this is how the idea began and grew.  Now if you read my other posts you will recall the story of my parents and me traveling to Arizona and having a strange light following us.  Now this incident remained in the back of my mind and after all these years is still something I can’t explain, but it lay there dormant for many years. That is until I was watching the history channel about Ancient Aliens and BOOM, Jack took off running with the idea and Jill, not wanting to be out done, added to it.

Now you have to understand, these voices in my head don’t turn on and off at my command.  In fact, they can be rather annoying and often get me into trouble.  I mean imagine you are in an intense discussion with your significant other and some friends, then all the sudden you stare off in space and tune out everything until you are being poked and realize everyone is staring at you as if you suddenly grew horns and you hear, “Hey, Blondie, I asked you a question.”

Yep, it happens to me all the time.  I suddenly hear, “Mom, your not even listening to me!” “Honey, what did I just say?”  So you see having voices in your head is often a pain, but then again it can be wonderful as well.

Ok, got off subject somewhat, so back to the story idea forming.  As I’m watching the documentary the memory of my experience bursts forth and sets off Jack who begins the ‘what if’s.’  Jill obviously remembered my daughter’s interest in Greek Mythology brings this into play with, ‘what if, they inspired the Greek and Egyptian gods?” And so began the idea.

Now I am a ‘by the seat of my pants’ writer.  I don’t do any plotting. I sit at the computer and Jack and Jill begin to weave a story in my mind.  They take on the personas of the characters I am writing about.  Yep, my muses are chameleons and morph into the characters taking on their personalities and experiences. I’ve often thought a story should go one way and they completely disagree and I have to reform my ideas and take the story in the direction they lead me.  Hence the desires to push them down that hill.

For me writing takes me into a whole new world.  On a long boring drive scenes will play themselves out in my head, taking away the boredom. Writing for me wasn’t a choice it is a part of me and the way my mind works.  It often makes me seem strange to others. I’ve often been told I need to see a psychiatrist. I love my muses and if that makes me a little crazy, then that’s ok.  I always thought being normal was over rated.

By Connie Rhinehart

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