How do I come up with my stories?

I really can’t tell you one specific way for coming up with a story line.  There are so many different ways the ideas form in my mind.  Here are a few of my inspirations.

Often I will dream an entire story and wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning and have to write it all down. I won’t be able to go back to sleep if I don’t.

People watching, at times leads to ideas. Yep, that fight you had at the mall with the sales clerk, clicks an idea in my head. Watching someone not paying attention to where they are walking and they walk into a poll, (clearing my throat—oh yeah that was me) Picking your nose in public (careful, you might see yourself in my book) Yuck, I know.  But honestly people do some crazy, funny and just…well weird things when out in public.

Oh, movies are great inspiration, especially if I don’t like them. I think… oh it would have been so much better if they would have done this or that. 

But my favorite way to come up with a story is to listen to kids.  Honestly,  their imaginations are so out there.  Watch them play make-believe, and you will be amazed at how unrestricted their imaginations really are.

How did I come up with the idea for the Phalon series?

Well the story for Daughter of Phalon, the first book in my series which will be coming out soon with Soul Mate Publishing, actually began when I was thirteen. Yep, that long ago.  Actually, it was more like…I’m going to write a book about aliens some day…Not the whole story line.  But here is how it began.

My grandparents would go to Arizona every winter and often during Christmas break my parents and I would travel from Idaho to Arizona for a short visit.  Well, just after my 13th birthday we headed out.  It’s a long drive and we were going to spend the night in Vegas. We got a late start and it grew late and dark before we arrived. We were on this mountain that wound and wound as we drove higher and higher, and wouldn’t you know it, I start to get car sick.  Now this was before seat belt laws, so I just lay down in the back seat and stared up at the stars thinking to myself please don’t puke, please don’t puke.

This one star kept snagging my attention (I was focusing then un-focusing [scratching my head—is un-focusing even a word?]  my eyes, you know so the stars would start to blur and run together, and Yes, I know I’m strange), Anyway this star seemed to be getting brighter and bigger.  After a few minutes, I was so focused on watching this star, I forgot all about loosing my dinner. It became obvious after a bit, this was no star.  So ok, I was a smart kid…I decided it was a spy helicopter on a secret mission (makes perfect sense, right?) Well it was only a few minutes longer and suddenly the one light was no longer a single light but a cluster of circular lights and even to my inexperienced eyes, it was not a helicopter. I sat, to stunned to be frightened. In fact, I thought it was cool and wondered if they would really be little green men. It wasn’t until that unused seat belt seemed like a damn good idea that I suddenly became worried. My dad obviously realizing there was a strange object way to close for his comfort, began to take the corners in a manor that had me gripping the arm rest in order to keep my butt planted in one place.

My mom kept saying over and over…’John, what is it?’ It followed us for only a few minutes then suddenly was beside us and only moments later it was once again blending into the stars then poof it was gone.  Now this brings me to the next question.

Do I believe in aliens?

I’m not sure.  I kind of bounce back and forth on the idea.  I mean if we can travel into space and back why can’t someone else out there in the vastness of space travel as well? But then I have to wonder if perhaps our own governments are much more advanced then any of us know.  Could it have been some kind of secret military craft? I don’t know, all I know is I couldn’t identify it, still can’t, and therefore to me it is an unidentified flying object.  So do I believe in aliens (ok, time to fess up…hell yeah)

Am I an atheist?

Really! I have been asked this 3 times in the last year. NO, I am not an atheist.  YES, I believe in God. But I don’t want to get into a huge debate about religion; this isn’t the place for it.  So…moving on.

Am I crazy?

Um, probably.  Most people who know me well will tell you I am a little off the wall.  LOL what is the fun of being normal? What is normal? Who wrote the manual on what is normal anyway? And how do we know that person wasn’t completely insane?

Do I really hear voices in my head?

Yes I do! They even have names…I call them Jack and Jill.  Why?  Well, first because I have always loved that song.  And secondly because my two muses don’t always cooperate and allow me to write the story the way I want…they refuse to do it my way and the whole story goes in a different direction and I want to give them a nudge at times like this and help them down that hill.

So there you go. A few questions answered.  If you have any more questions let me know and I will try to answer them.

By Connie Rhinehart


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